Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kiss That Boy!

OK, here is one to make a work-at-home mama's eyes tear up. I was griping about the overwhelming workload of being a business owner / stay-at-home-mom / home-school teacher this evening. In the background of my gripe session, my husband was cleaning up glass and tomato sauce that crashed to the floor and exploded as one of my kids walked by. (This is why I refer to him as my best friend.) Dinner had not been served and it was 7 pm. Folded laundry was still on my bedroom floor and had not been put away yet. It had been there for days (OK maybe weeks).

As I sat organizing all my business files and tending to paperwork I moaned "the secretary part of this business is overwhelming (I am my secretary). The business owner part is incredibly huge (again, that would be me). The home-school teacher/mom part is ridiculously daunting (yep, me too). The stay-at-home mom do the laundry and dishes part just doesn't get accomplished!"

With a voice of encouragement, my deliciously sweet son said "yea, but in the mom part - you rock!" He's getting something big for his birthday.

...children are a gift from the Lord...Psalm 127:3