Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haitian Babies

If your heart is tugging at you when you think of the devastation in Haiti, I can certainly relate. I am sure that it was not a coincidence at all that just a few weeks before the tragic earthquake struck, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful Haitian man named John. In fact, I believe it was a divine appointment for the both of us.

Through a tender-hearted passion, John told my husband and I about his vision. The two of them take care of 25 orphans in Haiti. He talked about them like they were his own babies - I could sense the love God placed inside him for them. How wonderful that God gave them someone like John to be a father-figure for them! After we parted, John sent photos and as soon as I saw them, my heart melted. They are precious and darling, just like my own. I looked at my husband and I said "Rick, Skinies has to help these babies!"

I knew then that my goal was to grow Skinies so that we could be able to help these little ones. John told of how he has a waiting list of other orphans who need a loving home, but he doesn't have enough money to support them. Sadly, I am sure that after this earthquake, there may be even more on that list. We desperately want to become a source of support for them.

If you sense your heartstrings pulling as well, I ask that you please do not ignore it. Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation to:

Luther and Stella Ogle Foundation
P.O. Box 648
Gatlinburg, TN 37738-0648

Please write "orphanage" on your check. Every penny you give will go directly to the orphans.

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